Personal Adventures. Week 1

After not finding much in San José, the long bus journey to Nosara was quite painful, as I thought I was going blind. I began to get blurry vission and assumed it was my contact lenses playing up. But when we stopped, I took them out to find my vision was still blurry. Scary stuff! We carried on the next bus to Nosara with Chris holding my hand, guiding me like a dog until we reached Jungles Edge. We then got a TUC TUC to the local doctor who told me I had severe conjunctivitis and  I couldn’t go in the sea, or pool for a few days. What a great start to 5 days of surfing and chilling on the beach!!

After 24 hours my sight returned and I was able to enjoy what Playa Guiones had to offer. Chris and I did yoga ( privately) with Lotus. That was an intense class with Chris showing off his non flexible moves and Lotus pushing me until I nearly passed out. We needed the exercise.

We have done lots of walking, hired a quad bike and managed to surf at the end of the 5 days and got Chris standing up on a board, yay!!! Overall it has been an awesome first week and we are constantly meeting and talking to new people. Off to Tamarindo next for another adventure.

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