Playa Guiones

If you want to go on a detox holiday this is the area for you. The most unhealthy thing here is alcohol, which people seem to rarely drink!

It’s beautiful and quiet with the shops shutting down about 5, 5:30 and the restaurants close about 9-10 depending on how busy they are.

Chris and I have walked to the beach daily through the beautiful, jungle  green scenery. The beach stretches for several km with very few people, but problematically very little shade. We managed to do some surfing which is great for beginners as it breaks all along the length of the beach so surfers are spread out, not on top of one another. Surfboards are easy to rent for about 20 dollars for a full day, and the water is warm, so you only need a rashy.

I would recommend here if you want a quiet life. But a word of warning.  It’s extremely expensive.


  • Jungles Edge- fresh ingredients, don’t always get what’s on the menu(but that’s not a bad thing). Shuts down at 8pm. Food is awesome though!

  • Beach 

    dog Cafe-  Expensive but the most popular spot by the beach. They do amazing home made chips(crisps) and dip. And awesome salads and smoothies. They also have their own draught of beer which so far we haven’t seen. It’s called Libertas. Yummy!

  • Il Bastilo- An Italian next to Jungle Edge. They have live music on Thursdays and Saturdays. Their Caprese Salad was lovely and the pizza was ok. Also an expensive night out.

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