Playa Tamarindo-Costa Rica

This was like arriving in a mini Honalulu. It was awesome, driving down the strip checking out all the different restaurants, bars and shops. Luckily we could only see one chain, Subway. Again, it’s quite expensive, but you can go to some smaller places that offer good food for reasonable prices. The locals that stand on the side of the road with a BBQ cook awesome chicken skewers, which are cheap and great for lunch. Completly safe to eat.

We were told this was a party town, but we stayed during the week, so it was quite chilled in  the evenings.

 The beach is lovely with a lot of choice of surfboard rentals and you can rent sunbeds on the beach. There are lots of locals running up and down the beach all day offering cerveza (beer), water and coconuts, so you don’t go thirsty.It is also alot busier in the water, so your best off surfing early morning, or during sunset. The beach break is fun, but there are a lot of learners. 

If  you walk around to the right of the beach you will come across an estuary, which has crocodile’s, so be careful! You can book a kayak tour to go and see them, or just have a wander down.

Favourite restaurants

  • Gallo Fino- The best chicken  in Tamarindo in our opinion, cooked on a BBQ. Lovely people, decor, ambience and food. Try the BBQ for two. Reasonable prices. You get what you pay for here.

  • La Bodega- The best breskfast in Tamarindo. We went every morning and had fresh coffee and I would always have the omelette with avocado. So good!!

  • Volcano Brewing Company- This is an awesome beach bar with great vibes and great views of the ocean. Especially during the sunset. Their nachos are pretty good too, but if you just want a snack, order the half portion as they are huge!

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