La Fortuna

Our first impression was it must be quite touristic, as there were tourist information shops within meters of each other. However,it does still have a local feel about it with Soda restaurants and an amazing view of the Volcano.

There is plenty to do here. All of which costs a fortune, but I guess this is what you come here to do. 

We had rain for the 4 days we were there, but that seems normal in this area and it’s good if you want to go walking.


Big Volcano Tour – 55 US dollars each with transfer. Only 2 companies do this tour. We used Red Lava and they were awesome. They were very chatty and informative, allowing us to take our time climbing.   This is a hard trek, but worth it and you finish off with a much deserved cocktail in the hot springs.

Sky Limit- 96 Us dollars each with tranfer.

This is very expensive, but I’m glad we did it. We had a lot of fun and there was just 4 of us in the group, so we didn’t have to hang around for long waiting for others to take their turn. The guides were fun and there was ladders, tarzan swings, ziplines and abseiling. If you have your go pro you can take it with you as they have attachments for the helmets.


  • Soda Viquez –This was the best Soda in la Fortuna. It was expensive compared to the others, but you get what you pay for and the service, atmosphere and local cuisine were great.
  • Soda la Hormiga – cheap and cheerful local cuisine.
  • Cafeteria my coffee- Good coffee over looking the park.
  • Arenal backpackers- Guests Only. Had great offers daily on food and drinks. The food was quite good too. 

One thought on “La Fortuna

  1. Lauren,
    Peggy and I are sorry we missed your departure from Cahuita. We both will be sure to check in on your blog as you make your way through your adventure. We wish both Chris and yourself a wonderful time and hope you find many wonderful places and people to throughout your travels.


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