Personal Adventures – Week 2

We arrived in Santa Cruz ready to get our last bus to Tamarindo and ended up at a local cafe to grab a drink. Chris got chatting to a local American called Ron who gave us a lift to Tamarindo. (Jackpot!) He was great fun and full of life. 

After dropping us off at our hostel, we wandered around the town and checked out the surf and watched the sunset. The rest of our days here were spent lounging around,surfing, getting burnt and spending too much money on food and drink. I helped out a girl (Candice) I met in the surf, who was trying it with her nephew (Mason) for the first time. They were a lovely family from the US, and I hung out with them most of the day, whilst Chris went and hid in the shade.

After 5 days of having a holiday we went to Liberia for 2 nights, so we could explore one of the national parks. We met a couple from the US who took us out drinking to the local bars and shared their left over gin with us into the early hours of the morning. They were great with plenty of stories to tell.

The park we went to was called Rincon de La Vieja Volcano National Park. It was a 4 hour round trek to the amazing waterfall, but deffinatey worth it. We saw some amazing wildlife and trees.

On to La Fortuna next to see a bit Volcano!

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