Cahuita is a cute little Caribbean town with more of a wet climate during January, but it’s still hot. It is also more expensive than other places we have been, so not for the budget traveller. Even buying food and cooking it yourself seems crazy expensive, but there is a local market on a Sunday, where produce is more reasonably priced, so be sure to check this out. 

It is very chilled here with a lot of reggae music and Caribbean themed bars. Everything you need is within walking distance as it is a very small town. The entrance to the national park is just over a small blue bridge at the end of the strip, past a supermarket on your right side. Entry is free, but you can make a donation of about 1000 Collones if you want. The wildlife in this park is guaranteed. We saw howler monkeys, whitefaced monkeys, sloths, crabs, racoons and plenty of gecko’s, plus the odd spider or two.

We personally wouldn’t come here again. Apart from the national park there isn’t anything to see or do. Your probably better off staying in Puerte Viejo.

Advice- The ATM in Cahuita only allows for 100 Us dollars a day limit.


Facefood- This was our favourite place to go for morning coffee and a very un-healthy breakfast consisting of donuts. Everything here is homemade and owned by an Italian who is lovely. Great pizza and sandwiches.

Barakka Bistro- The coffee here was on and off, but we did have some lovely food. It’s a small place located next to Ire Vibes bar with big comfy garden chairs.

Ire Vibes Bar- A good place to go if you want to watch sport on the big screen. Be careful though, you could be in for a big party night when the bar tender keeps topping up your drink whilst you’re not looking!

Cahuita National Park Hotel and Restaurant-  This place is in a great location on the beach by the national park. You’d think it would be overpriced, but the food was surprisingly really good. Try the fried Yukka with Alioli (yummy), and the chicken salad. The service is a bit slow, but who cares when your relaxing on holiday. 

(The view from the restaurant)

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