Personal Adventures week 3

Chris and I have just about had enough of rice and beans as the local Costa Rican dishes call it gallo pinto, or for the bigger dishes with meat, Cosados. But there was no getting away from it in La Fortuna. We had some of the best local food at the soda restaurants, as they were the cheapest.

In La Fortuna we stayed in a horribly noisy tent, so barely slept for 4 nights. This Consequently, the day we hiked around the Arenal volcano I thought I was going to have a heart attack. My general lack og fitness might also have a part to play. The hike was worth it though with a fun end to the day in some hot springs having a mud facial and a cocktail. Chris even swam in the cold lake of the cherro chato volcano. We then decided to do the most expensive zip line in Arenal, but again it was worth it. It rained a lot, but we didn’t mind too much.

We then made our way to Cahuita, which felt like forever and we were exhausted. We opted for the first sign of food in the town, which also played an English movie so we sat and chilled there for the rest of the evening. We met Peggy and Tamie from Canada staying in the same hostel as us. They were so lovely and friendly, we would chat to them daily. We basically spent Cahuita chilling, watching TV(rugby), lying by the pool and went to the national park. We had one heavy night (Superbowl night), so spent the next day wasting away in bed. 

It was time to head to our next country Panama!

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