Personal Adventures week 4

The Panama border was hastle free, but there are no signs to tell you where to go so we just kept asking in broken spanish. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to cross the old bridge as it’s now closed.

We made it to Bocas Del Toro in one piece, but I felt extremely travel sick from the fast shuttle driver and then 2 boat rides, so I passed out in our accommodation on Bastimentos Island for a few hours. We then hunted for a restaurant called Sea Monkey. Having seen it on trip advisor I stupidly didn’t look at the dates of the reviews (2015) and assumed it was open. Luckily the wonderful Ryan and Stacy who have taken over it welcomed us in and cooked for us, even though they weren’t open. The food was awesome!

We spent our time here spending a lot of money on water taxis, as we didn’t really like staying on Bastimentos. We couldn’t afford the luxury of Red Frog Beach! We chilled on Carenero island, so I could surf at Black Rock and Chris could chill at Bocas Beach Club. We also did a Catermaran tour, which was fun for the day, seeing Starfish Island and going snorkling.

We got scammed out of 10 US dollars booking a return water taxi ( never do that) for them not to turn up. 

On our last day we decided to walk to Wizard beach on Bastimentos thinking it was 20 minutes long. It actually took about 30 minutes and was very muddy and slippery. After we got there we turned straight back around and went a different route only to find out we were now on a full blown hike. We were very hot and exhausted by the time we got back to get ready for our bus journey to Panama City. But hey, we ticked off another beach.

Our journey to Panama City started off hastle free,  having pre booked our tickets. The bus left at 6:40pm. By 7:40pm we stopped due to a lorry blocking the road. We spent 5 hours at a standstill, but made the most of it  watching Fawlty Towers on repeat. The journey itself was actually not too bad as we slept most of the way. 

We are now in Panama city!

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