Bocas Town\Bastimentos\ Carenero

Bocas Town is the main town of all the islands. This is where you will have access to a bank, restaurants, bars, accommodation and tourist centres. It is a very colourful town and we enjoyed it a lot. We stayed on Bastimentos, which is 5 US dollars per person for a one way water taxi. The main town of Bastimentos is small, with few restaurants and access to the beaches is quite difficult. We also didn’t feel particularly safe walking around at night. The restaurants that we did visit however, served very good food. You will need a torch at night to find them as they are located down unlit pathways.

Island Carenero was our favourite place to hang out during the day. It cost 5 US dollars each from Bastimentos and 2 US dollars each from Bocas by water taxi. It has a small shoreline you can walk along and a beach you can sunbathe on, watching the surfers out at Black Rock. 

Bastimentos Restaurants (take a torch)

Sea Monkey- This restaurant wasn’t officially open when we visited but they served us. It’s located right on the water, but we did have to ask a local where it was. The food they served was very tasty.  I would check it out.

Chavela-  This is a small cute hut serving a very simple menu, but the food is very good. We both had Jerk Chicken for 8 US dollars each.

Firefly- I would say this is the most popular place to eat for tourists. Make sure you reserve for dinner though. I did it through Facebook. The food was amazing and full of flavour. They serve you in tapas style dishes so it’s quite expensive, but worth it.

Bocas Town 

We had breakfast at Cafe del Mar every day. The food and coffee were great. 

Carenero Island

Bocas Beach Club was our favourite spot. You can hire a bed for 25 US dollars for the day and you get 2 free cocktails. It’s right on the water front, so you can jump in the sea from your bed. Try the Mozzarella sticks, they are yummy.

Advice: A lot of places are cash only and they don’t have any change.

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